Mega Trends Ideation

Mega Trends Overview

Mega Trends are global, sustained, macroeconomic forces of development that affect business, economies, societies, cultures, and personal lives.  In essence, these trends —such as urbanization and connectivity and convergence—will define our future world.

All organizations operate within the convergence of internal and external challenges to growth (we call this the “Growth Environment”). Balancing these internal and external challenges is a prerequisite for optimizing growth and spotting emerging opportunities.Mega Trends set the stage for visionary thinking by identifying the most important global macro forces, potential scenarios of specific trends in 2020-2030, and the implications of these Mega Trends in transforming society, markets, and cultures.

Frost & Sullivan helps its clients identify and analyze Mega Trends, sub trends, industry impact, and unmet needs. Our deep industry knowledge, coupled with our comprehensive 360° perspective, enable us to tailor the “so what” implications to each client and deliver outcome-based scenarios that inform and direct decision making.


Frost & Sullivan employs a clearly defined Macro to Micro Approach that helps clients move from a large-scale trend to specific implications for a region, industry, or company:

  1. Identify the Mega Trend
  2. Identify the sub trends 
  3. Examine the sub trends to evaluate the implications to your industry 
  4. Clearly define the product/service
  5. Identify unmet needs related to a Mega Trend