Additional Expertise

Frost & Sullivan offers a wealth of expertise across a number of hot-button business challenges, ranging from navigating emerging markets to protecting intellectual property through risk-minimizing licensing arrangements.  These and other topics are explored in further detail below.

Business Challenges

  •  Emerging Market Strategies

Rapid economic growth in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East is shifting where growth opportunities are located. Our global network of analysts and cross-industry convergence coverage will help pinpoint the most advantageous emerging markets for your company.

  •  Manufacturing Site Selection

Constructing, equipping, and operating a manufacturing center require some of the largest investments a company will make. Our experts help your company weigh factors such as the costs of labor, regulations, and logistics against market trends and your industry’s future so that your company chooses its manufacturing site correctly the first time around.

  •  Global Growth Strategies

Year after year, CEOs cite driving growth as their top priority. However, varies studies show that 80% of all companies will fail within their first 18 months—underscoring just how difficult it is to develop and sustain a profitable growth engine. Frost & Sullivan is poised to help you realize your company’s own unique vision, with extensive expertise and tools to help you evaluate, prioritize, and pursue your company’s universe of growth opportunities.

  •  Regulatory Compliance

Prior to entering a new region or geography, a company must be aware of that region’s laws and regulations.  Frost & Sullivan’s global footprint enables us to connect clients to on-the-ground experts capable of guiding them through these sensitive and critical issues.

  •  Global Footprint Optimization

Costs associated with global growth need not overwhelm your company. Footprint optimization connects resources and manufacturers as well as suppliers and customers in the most efficient way possible, leading to reductions in operating expenditure and production times. Our team of industry experts can help your company expand globally while increasing its bottom line with a sound, thorough footprint optimization strategy.

  •  IP Licensing and Compliance

The rapid proliferation of new, breakthrough technologies has placed an even greater emphasis on protecting the strategic value of intellectual property (IP) shared with partners.  Frost & Sullivan technology experts can help ensure that you minimize licensing risks, while simultaneously searching for opportunities to expand agreements with existing partners or form new partnerships.  Our experts can also help you build a successful compliance program that is equally beneficial to all parties.

  •  Strategic Partnering and M&A

Recent studies suggest companies that don’t complement internal growth with external activity, such as strategic partnerships or M&A, find it increasingly difficult to provide the top-line and bottom-line results shareholders expect.Our focus on market analysis and target identification, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the markets and sectors in which they operate, help you consider long-term outcomes at the beginning of the strategic partner identification or acquisition process.

  •  Distribution Channel Optimization

High-performing businesses not only understand what customers will buy, but where and how they want to buy. Distribution channel optimization is therefore a critical ingredient to sustaining growth through a rigorous customer focus.We help clients determine where their customers want to buy, and we also help them engage and motivate high-value partners; recognize and address declining relationships; and continually reevaluate all partners’ abilities to reach their highest-value customer segments.