Companies to Action Growth Partnership

Frost & Sullivan’s Value-Based Mutually Assured Growth Service for Early Stage/ Start-up Organizations

Strategic Imperative:

We are uniquely positioned to add major value to start-ups/emerging companies, delivering critical growth impetus and support for sustained success.

Start-up business ecosystem is rapidly evolving globally – Start-up markets in US, Europe, Asia, and other regions growing rapidly. Many start-ups developing innovative, disruptive businesses that are reshaping industry fundamentals and creating robust and sustainable revenue streams. Frost & Sullivan works closely with a large range of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to early stage companies, enabling them in growing faster in all operating environments.

90% of start-ups struggle to make it beyond 24 months – Key drivers of failures: Weak infrastructures, lack of strong enough financing and human capital, sub-optimal marketing, networking and funding support. Frost & Sullivan provides crucial support to start-ups to navigate through the key stages of their growth journey, towards sustained success.

Frost & Sullivan’s industry thought leaders and support services provide crucial growth momentum – We have a compelling expertise supporting thousands of organizations globally, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our senior executives’ expertise in most global industries and a large pool of industry thought leaders enable us to add major value to the owners, leaders and advisory boards of start-ups and emerging companies.

Frost & Sullivan’s global scale and industry coverage provide critical growth scalability – Our global scale and coverage of 12 different industries offer start-ups/emerging companies global growth potential, connections, adjacent market growth opportunities, and superlative visibility.

Support to start-ups for financial and business growth – We realize the criticality of funding and financial support during the evolution of start-ups. We facilitate connections and drive collaborations with VCs/PEs/FIs (locally, globally).

Frost & Sullivan is uniquely positioned to support early-stage companies/start-ups through

  1. Pressure-test start-up’s vision, growth strategies and launch plans – Developing bullet-proof growth strategies and plans based on local and global industry market needs.
  2. Technology positioning for success – Scanning of technologies that can accelerate/disrupt start-up’s solutions portfolio. Support in IP creation..
  3. Financial strategy and access to capital – Facilitating access to capital from sources such as VCs, PEs, FIs etc. through intermediation and transaction support.
  4. Support in growth of brand and demand towards market making – Crucial intelligence and expertise to build and sustain demand for company’s products & solutions.
  5. Operational support on organizational build-up’s, scale-up’s and growth – Continuous, industry best practice based, operational support in all facets of a start-up’s organizational functioning, focused on local and global growth.

Practical, high impact and value added solutions

Value Proposition
  • Frost & Sullivan’s industry leading thought leader as advisory board member
  • Intermediation solution through financing support/capital raising
  • Demand generation and brand building solutions
  • Access to networking platforms/opportunities
  • Continuous provision of leading edge industry intelligence
  • Growth strategy development and implementation support
  • Frost & Sullivan executive serves in advisory board of the company, providing both strategic and operational support, leveraging F&S’ global assets/connections
  • Frost & Sullivan connects VCs/PEs/FIs to corresponding start-ups/emerging companies, and provides critical support during the transaction process (pre and post deal)
  • Customized demand generation and brand building campaigns or initiatives to fast forward commercial success.
  • Frost & Sullivan will invite co-founders/CEO/marketing executives of the start-up to its leading flagship industry events (e.g. GIL) offering rich networking opportunities and opportunity to deal with elite business audiences.
  • Frost & Sullivan will offer start-ups access to its globally coveted Growth Partnership Service (GPS) research subscription.
  • Frost & Sullivan will provide ad-hoc support in strategy development and implementation through customized, bespoke and tailored growth strategy advisory projects on as needed basis, including organizational development programs.

Frost & Sullivan’s advisory board and operational support enables start-up’s/emerging companies’ successful evolution throughout their growth journey

  • Frost & Sullivan provides industry coveted thought leaders and senior executives as advisory board members
  • Frost & Sullivan’s GPS research arms start-up with necessary actionable TEAM research necessary for growth strategy development, market focus, branding and demand testing
  • Ad-hoc, well-defined strategic advisory and implementation support, including organizational development
  • Frost & Sullivan will facilitate connections and funding pitch with VC/PEs/FIs in exchange of finder’s fee
  • Frost & Sullivan’s integrated marketing team will work with the company in developing whitepapers(s), offering access to major events including speaker/panel member opportunities, providing
  • Global growth and scalability through strategic advisory, IPO support, M&A support and growth consulting
  • New product and service/solution development, pipeline expansion, market share expansion advisory.
  1. Sign-up partnership agreement
  2. Activate and initiate advisory board
  3. Access to strategic intelligence on technologies, econometrics, applications, and markets for early-stage company’s products and services
  4. Initiate brand, demand, technology evaluation, IP analytics, and marketing support
  5. Design and develop funding facilitation plan and initiate funding connections

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