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Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Consulting solutions help clients create and implement compelling growth strategies, resulting in increased sales, profitability,and competitiveness.

The most important phase of any Frost & Sullivan Growth Consulting project is the initial discussion with the client, during which the consulting team develops a clear understanding of the client’s needs, its opportunities and challenges, and the potential impact ofthese issues on the client’s business. The next step is the development of a consulting proposal that outlines how our consultants and industry analysts will address the client’s unique needs using Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Consulting methodologies. 

These methodologies help ensure that the most profitable growth strategies are identified. Methodologies include market engineering, customer research (using a full range of qualitative and quantitative analysis tools), competitive intelligence, technology research, econometric and economic analysis, organizational capability and readiness-to-change assessment, business process reengineering, change management, operational excellence, best practice management, and organizational redesign techniques.

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