Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are characterized by rapid industrial and economic growth. Often resource- and talent-rich, emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America have rising population rates and increasing per capita GDPs. Middle class growth means greater consumer spending, and thus offer a wealth of opportunities for companies seeking global expansion.

Hot Topics:
  • Moving beyond BRIC, as increasingly established markets in Brazil, Russia, India, and China yield their emerging status to frontier markets (such as Argentina, Nigeria, and Vietnam)
  • Technological leapfrogging, which positions emerging markets as key adopters of advanced infrastructural, educational, and energy-related technologies and practices
Value Proposition:

We believe that emerging markets are entered most effectively when organizations (1) balance an understanding of large global trends with regional perspectives and (2) use market strategy tools, including scenario and Mega Trends planning, to target the best markets for tomorrow’s growth.

Consulting Approach:

We help our clients understand how emerging markets are (inevitably) affecting their business. Analysts in more than 40 globally dispersed offices tailor emerging market insights to diverse industries and offer information critical to entry strategies (such as identifying the most promising markets to enter, assessing the competitive threats, and quantifying entry risks). Furthermore, our analysts, working on the ground in regions with emerging economies, provide region-specific expertise so that our clients continue to thrive as global competition increases.