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The enterprise communications and collaboration market is in the midst of an era of unprecedented change. Traditional solutions, vendors, and their ecosystems are being completely disrupted by rapidly evolving technologies, cloud delivery models, digital-enabled business models, and changing enterprise and user preferences. By 2020, we will see a completely transformed landscape of solutions, providers, and delivery and business models in this industry.The industry disruption and transformation will present numerous opportunities, as well as challenges for technology vendors, service providers, and enterprise customers. Understanding every major aspect of this changing landscape, the impact on your business, and developing a strong and timely market response will be key to continued success and growth in this market.


Why Frost?

With over 20 analysts and consultants worldwide covering every aspect of the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) industry-infrastructure, endpoints, applications, services, convergence, delivery and business models, and enterprise and user preferences-Frost & Sullivan’s Connected Work team is uniquely positioned to be your growth strategy advisor and implementation partner.

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Frost & Sullivan’s Connected Work Growth Partnership Service is a unique and immersive program for Unified Communications and Collaboration vendor and enterprise organizations to successfully navigate this rapidly transforming industry. Rooted in a solid foundation of market intelligence research, our expert analysts and consultants provide a continuous flow of actionable opportunities, strategies, and tactics on Unified Communications and Collaboration solution areas, and advisory services through virtual and in-person interactions.

Our Growth Partnership Service research, advisory and interactive perspectives cover:

  • Technologies and market sector analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Geographic research
  • Marketing, sales, and partnerships
  • Buyer needs and implementation best practices

Our Unified Communications and Collaboration client base includes hundreds of vendor, service provider, enterprise, and SMB organizations across all major industry verticals and geographies. Our expertise and long- standing relationships in this industry make us an invaluable growth partner for our clients.

Our Connected Work research program covers a broad range of communications and collaboration solutions, including:

  • Enterprise communications infrastructure, platforms, and endpoints
  • Conferencing (audio, web, video conferencing) platforms, services, and endpoints
  • Enterprise mobility, impact of consumerization and bring-your-own technology (BYOT)
  • Enterprise email, IM/presence, productivity applications
  • Social collaboration platforms
  • Content collaboration platforms
  • Team collaboration applications
  • Virtual events
  • Hosted/cloud services, managed services, private cloud services
  • VAR and channel perspectives
  • Digital business models and capabilities for marketing, sales, and support

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Today, it is absolutely true that one size does not fit all. Today’s solutions, while advancing rapidly, present a new set of opportunities for organizations to implement Unified Communications and Collaboration with more flexibility, less risk, and more control and clear ROI. Software and services-based solutions, and developers’ widespread use of industry standards enable the tailoring of unique solutions for each organization’s unique requirements for more value and faster ROI. Unified Communications and Collaboration software and infrastructure can and should be integrated with business software and infrastructure to streamline and automate business processes. Unified Communications and Collaboration applications should be matched to user roles, functions, preferences, and locations. Analytics should be applied to business processes in order to accurately measure Unified Communications and Collaboration impact on work streams and key performance indicators (KPIs). Frost & Sullivan’s Connected Work team is well positioned to guide businesses through their transformation journey and assist them in selecting the right solutions and providers for their specific needs.

The transformation taking place in the business market presents tremendous challenges to communications vendors, providers and resellers to reinvent and reposition themselves for future success. Frost & Sullivan analysts help market participants identify growth opportunities and develop sustainable business strategies. Close understanding of end-user needs and extensive competitive intelligence inform our consulting engagements and enable the Connected Work team to arm client with custom-tailored market data, analysis and insights to help them thrive and flourish in the dynamic and constantly evolving UCC market.

Key areas where Frost & Sullivan can provide value include the following:

  • New Product and Services Solutions: We can support your organization in developing or deploying new Unified Communications and Collaboration products and services that deliver greater customer value.
  • Business Model Transformation: We can support you in transforming your business to address the challenges and opportunities of the industry’s shift to the cloud.
  • Customer Analysis: We can help identify specific customer needs and pain points through detailed surveys and data analyses.
  • Branding and Positioning: Frost & Sullivan can support your organization through an integrated marketing platform to more effectively launch and promote new products, services or business models.
  • Statistical Analysis and Forecasting: We can assess growth opportunities and market potential in new/specific customer segments, geographies and product/service areas.

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Frost & Sullivan can deliver a bespoke workshop to your organization to highlight emerging Unified Communications and Collaboration and Connected Work trends, and identify their impact on your company’s growth opportunities and business strategies. This highly interactive engagement is designed to fit your specific needs and circumstances; where we can attend your strategy day or workshop as an external expert keynote speaker; we can also fully manage and facilitate a workshop to ensure your delegates gain maximum benefits from our strategic analysis and walk away with actionable insights. Full written follow-up reports and strategic recommendations are provided thereafter.


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