Seth Cutler

Senior Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan North America Washington, DC

Functional Expertise

  • Five years of market research and consulting expertise, which includes strategic understanding and application of emerging technologies and opportunities in water and energy industries. Particular expertise in:
    -Qualitative and quantitative analysis of market opportunities
    -Developing growth strategies
    -Competitive intelligence and M&A targeting

Industry Expertise

  • IExperience base covering broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ Senior Executives
    -Core challenges and future growth segments in the water utility industry.
    -Smart, data-driven, technology innovations in water and energy industries.
    -Membrane technologies in municipal and industrial water applications.

What I bring to the team

  • Strong focus on Mega Trends and disruptive technologies
  • International professional experience
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Analytical focus

Career Highlight

  • Extensive expertise in understanding the role and integration of ICT within traditional water and energy systems.
  • Experience in several leading research and consulting firms:
    -CEB, Arlington, VA
    -Regeneris Consulting Ltd, London, England
    -London East Research Institute, London, England


  • MA Cities, Culture & Social Change from King’s College London, England
  • MA Human Geography from the University of St Andrews, Scotland