Hadar Cohen-Halevy, PhD

Industry Analyst - Healthcare Israel

Functional Expertise

  • Experience in developing, assessing and evaluating life science materials and compounds.

Industry Expertise

  • Teva Pharmaceutical (R&D)
    Research Scientist, Upstream Department: Member of team developing biological compounds for biopharmaceuticals production (Scaling up processes, GMP environment).

What I bring to the team

  • Wide-scale knowledge in drug design development, from the academia and the pharma industry.
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise in both Nano-technology and Biotechnology.

Career Highlight

  • Was part in the development team of new biosimilar drugs.
  • Over five years experience as an instructor in Biology and Chemistry for all ages.
  • -Investment banks: J. P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Nomura, etc.

    -Supranational: EBRD, IBRD, EIB.


  • Ph.D in Biochemistry from Weizmann Institute of Science (“Understanding the role of toll-like receptors in initiating sepsis and their link to cancer progression”).
  • Master’s degree in Biotechnology (Nano-technology) from Tel Aviv University (“Formulation and characterization of aromatic di-peptides Nano-spheres. Application for targeted drug delivery”.)
  • Bachlors degree in Biotechnology from Bar-Ilan University.