Nadav Ofir

Head of Consulting

Functional Expertise

  • Over 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience including international sales & marketing, business development and financial management in both Australia and Israel.
  • −Fostering connections between Australian and Israeli capital markets

    −Evaluation of market potential and business models

    −Market expansion & penetration

    −Financial management: due diligence, valuations, M&A support


Industry Expertise

  • Experience base covering various sectors, including;
  • −Medical Devices

    −Renewable Energy

    −Cyber Security


What I bring to the team

  • International experience.
  • Multi-disciplinary perspective – broad perspective on issues .
  • Extensive project management experience.
  • 20 years in financial valuations for both Australian and Israeli companies.

Career Highlight

  • Presenting in HC events such as: International Conference for Interventional Cardiologists (ICI), Medical Device Design & Manufacturing Industry (MDDMI), Analog Devices HC event.
  • Past experience as Finance Director, Finance Consulting, Sales & Business Development.


  • M.A. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.
  • B.A in International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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